1-2-1 Yoga Classes

Mature woman with personal yoga instructor indoors

“As a complete beginner Jane’s style was supportive and encouraging. She always made it clear that if I felt pain or was unable to do something I could say so and stop. I felt confident with her style of teaching and really enjoyed the sessions.”


Who Benefits From 1-2-1 yoga classes?

These sessions are ideal for beginners or those with injuries or medical conditions. They will also suit anyone wanting completely tailored sessions for their needs. Classes can be done in the convenience, comfort and privacy of your own home.

For a beginner or someone a bit ‘rusty’  1-2-1 yoga classes will teach you the basics of yoga before you go into a regular class. This is also a great way to have a teacher who can monitor and assist with your yoga postures to ensure that you don’t injure yourself by going into poses incorrectly.

Yoga to help with Specific Needs

You may also have specific needs such using yoga to help with anxiety. In this case you may wish to incorporate more breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation into your 1-2-1 yoga classes. Similarly you may wish to use yoga to help with specific medical conditions, injuries or general aches and pains such as backache. So postures would be carefully chosen for you – and some avoided – to ensure yoga helps and not aggravates your condition. In short each  1-2-1 yoga class will be tailored to meet your needs exactly.

If you are pregnant you may prefer to have a 1-2-1 yoga class – or a small group of mums-to-be. Yoga sessions are designed to help you cope physically and mentally for labour and childbirth. See pregnancy yoga session for more details.

If you don’t fancy the idea of 1-2-1 yoga classes you may like the idea of getting together with a few mates and having your own special session. This not only reduces the cost of  1-2-1 yoga classes but increases the fun and sociability! Sessions can take place in your own home, at Therapy Hub in West Pennard near Glastonbury or even in your workplace (if suitable). Please contact Jane for more info.

Prices for 1-2-1 Yoga Class

60 minute 1-2-1 yoga class – £30.00 per session or small group (up to 4 people) – £40.00 per session.